About US

All Kinds of Games


Our community plays a vast amount of games. We customized our own game servers to fit out community needs, for example FiveM where one is a roleplay based server and the other is menu-based. Don't play FiveM ? No Worries. Like I said,  we play ATS, World of Warships, Rainbow Six Siege, RDR2, D&D  We plan on adding more games so we can keep playing games together.

Bringing the Game to You


Our community is PC based, We currently use Discord as our main platform. We chat with the community on a daily bases. It is our mission to provide a safe, fun community that supports each other online and offline. 

Social Media


We strive to show you what our community has to offer, we love our community and we want to see your images. Send us your images to be featured on our social media.

Gaming Videos

Check out our game play videos of the latest games! Be sure to follow us on social media to find out when we will be streaming next.